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Viale Europa, 90 - 20090 Cusago - Milan, Italy | Tel. +39 0290119894 - Fax +39 029016207 | P.Iva 09128690154 | Email:                                       NO CITY TAX
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Hotel Le Moran Milan
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Hotel Le Moran Milan

For the more discerning guest who knows how to enjoy the high life, they may also cap this luxurious and stress-melting experience with their own personal hydro-massage jacuzzi within their hotel suite.

Hotel Le Moran Milan

Rooms and Services

The location of Hotel Le Moran Cusago, on the outskirts of Milan, happily marries the hustle and bustle of Milan, the commercial centre of Italy, with the peace and tranquillity of Italian elegance whether to serve as a business hotel, a wedding venue or simply to enjoy the hotel’s sports complex. This juxtaposition is also reflected in the accommodation of the Hotel Le Moran. With 80 beautifully furnished rooms in a quintessential Italian ambience, the hotel guest will find an environment that is both modern and in touch with nearby Milan, but at the same time, comfortable and at ease in its peaceful country environment.

The mix doesn’t end with just the location and ambience of the hotel accommodation, but rather is also reflected in the choice presented to the guest for the type of room and guest experience they are provided with. The guest can pick and choose the type of room and services available whether smoking or non-smoking, suited to disabled access, single, twin or matrimonial.  This choice is further expanded to the level of room from the standard style of room, the ‘green room’ or the ‘superior rooms’. 

Standard Room

Rather than ‘Standard’ perhaps we should have written ‘High Standard’ as that term more aptly describes what the guest will find in this 4 star hotel’s facilities. To begin with, each room has climate controlled air conditioned rooms for the guests comfort in addition to the refrigerated mini-bar to relax and whet the appetite. Once the guest has unwound with an aperitivo or two, whether in the hotel room or at the excellent hotel cocktail bar, the guest may wish to journey to the onsite high quality restaurant renowned for its selection of excellent local wines, innovative and refined dishes with vegetarian options, and comfortable setting. Alternatively the guest may choose to use the en-suite bathroom to shower and relax for a night in, ordering from the room service who can bring the same delicious food to your door whilst you enjoy the satellite TV channels in your room or do some work at your own desk using the free Wi-Fi access enjoyed throughout the hotel.

Hotel Le Moran
Hotel Le Moran Milan
Viale Europa, 90 - 20090 Cusago - Milan, Italy | Tel. +39 0290119894 - Fax +39 029016207
P.Iva 09128690154 | Email:
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